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Welcome to Banh Mi An, home of authentic Vietnamese street food. Our aim is to provide fresh, authentic and healthy Vietnamese food that lingers on your taste buds as well as memories.


The journey began back when we still doing our daytime job, me at the metal can factory and Ann as a baker assistant for a bakery. We both love to be involved with food but never thought one day we would open a café on our own.


Things happened that had changed our life the way that we would never expected. My brother in law came to Australia to study. In order to assist our parent with the school fee, we came up with an idea to open a food stall in Brisbane Weekend Market. As modest as it was, we took great pride in it and made it our life’s goal to sell the best Banh Mi (Vietnamese Pork Roll) anyone has ever had. Things did not go well at first but thanks to the love and support our customers we managed to overcome the obstacles and slowly become one of the most popular stall at the market.

However the stall is of course very small leaving us limited with what we can do. I’ve decided to step further into the unknown and open a Vietnamese Cafe where I’ll be able to provide more food options for my customers, catering, a range of Vietnamese cuisine and more Banh Mi to die for. The possibilities are limitless and we still have lots of ideas ready and waiting to be revealed. So, we welcome you to come, try and share your thoughts not only at the Cafe but also at the Brisbane Weekend Market. 

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